Isepho Means “Gift”

After a wonderful time in South America, we made our way across the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa. During the month of September, we are staying in Yzerfontein, South Africa, which is about one-and-a-half hours drive north of Cape Town on the western coast. It is a beautiful setting on the ocean, and the combination of white sands, brown rocks, and large waves is breathtaking. (The scenery here is very similar to the California coast near Monterey and Carmel, one of the most beautiful spots on earth.)Rock

We are staying in a wonderful home named Isepho, which means “gift” in the local language. Truly, it is a gift to be here. (If you are interested in staying here yourself, you may book a reservation through

We found our way here thanks to, a house sitting website that connects prospective sitters with homeowners who need help when they are away. Our duties include walking the Labrador Retrievers (Biscuit and Pella) and caring for the cat, Magwa. All three animals are wonderful, loving creatures. They greet us warmly each morning, and Magwa the Cat sits in my lap as I drink coffee on the back deck while watching and listening to the surf.

On the beach with Pella

On the beach with Pella

Our gracious hostess, Claire, met us at the airport, treated us to ice cream on our way home, introduced us to people around the town, fed us dinner, and trusted us with her automobile while she is away. Yes, I am driving a manual transmission on the left-hand side of the road. All of this is a gift indeed!

Table MountainIt is winter here, and temperatures range from about 10 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius (that’s roughly 50-72 degrees Fahrenheit). Days have been sunny and beautiful. We can see Table Mountain in Cape Town as we look south down the coast. And to the north is West Coast National Park with its vibrant display of wildflowers this time of year. People across South Africa travel to this area this time of year to view the flowers much like people in the States travel to New England to see Fall Foliage.

In the coming days, we will explore the area. We plan to walk on the beach every day, see the wildflowers, and travel to Cape Town where we will visit Robben Island, Table Mountain, and other sights in that wonderful city.

For now, we are enjoying Isepho, the gift we are fortunate to share for this month.

Yzerfontein, South Africa

Yzerfontein, South Africa

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