The great Greek philosopher Aristotle developed the idea of the Good Life, which he called eudaimonia from the roots “eu” for good and “daimon” for spirit. It can be translated as flourishing, living well, and doing well.

Six continents in ten months!  For much of 2014 and 2015, I shared a family sabbatical with my wife, son, and daughter.  I learned that I am at home while traveling.  In this blog, I describe our experiences and lessons we have learned. You will see my reflections here and my daughter’s reflections at RachelSeesTheWorld.wordpress.com.

I have served as pastor of a congregation where I sought to foster a community in which people would live their lives with deep meaning, fullness, and joy. I also have taught at seminaries and colleges, where I encouraged students to find the good life. You can find reflections from my time as a pastor in older posts.

I have a Ph.D. degree in ethics and sociology of religion, and in this blog, I reflect on what makes a good life, a life worth living in which people flourish. In my posts, I reflect on elements of a good life, and I invite your responses and contributions here and at LDeanAllen@yahoo.com.

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