Go Without Reservation

I have written about our family’s departure from the church we served and the town we loved in recent posts.  Many friends gave us cards and special notes as we were leaving, and one friend wrote a beautiful poem about our time together.  

We treasure these notes and cards because they remind us of the ties we share and the good wishes that accompany us on our journey.

One of many cards shared with us.

One of many cards shared with us.

One friend’s note gave specific examples of what our relationship had meant, and this friend then blessed us in our departure, saying, “Go without reservation.”

What a gift to be blessed by someone in this way.

On August 12, we depart for South America as we commence our family sabbatical.  Our journey will take us first to Manaus, Brazil, where we will explore the Amazon.  Then, it’s on to Machu Picchu in Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We will settle for a month while house-sitting in Cape Town, South Africa, before exploring Zambia and Botswana.

We expect to see many new things, to encounter many wonderful people, to taste new foods, to encounter difficult challenges, and to learn about history and culture in places of the world we have only read about.  

Most of all, I am looking forward to the growth and learning that will happen internally — for me and for our family.

I believe that travelling to new places where the language and customs are unfamiliar to us will force us to rely on the goodness of others and draw on creativity and resourcefulness that will force us to grow and develop in new ways.

After months of planning, the adventure begins on August 12.  And now, thanks to a dear friend’s reminder, we will go without reservation.

2 thoughts on “Go Without Reservation

  1. Marcia

    May your family time and exploration be all that you expect, and more. We pray for you to know God’s guidance as you look toward the coming days.


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