Let it be with me according to your word

Leonardo Da Vinci, Annunciazione

Leonardo Da Vinci, Annunciazione

Lord God, I want my prayer to be,
“Let it be with me according to your word,”
but so often my own wants and desires get in the way.
I have not been the Christ-bearer you have called me to be.
I have not loved my sisters and brothers
as you have instructed me to love.
I have not forgiven, I have not reconciled,
I have not worked for peace.
But still you have filled me with your grace,
and you continually demonstrate your love for me.
May I experience your forgiveness, Lord,
as I make my way through this time of preparation,
so that I may fully commit myself to the Prince of Peace,
Our Savior, Christ Jesus our Lord.
It is in his name that I pray.
(Adam Hamilton, The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem)

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