Thanking God for fun

A few days ago, I asked a question: “How I should pray before the start of a professional football game?” Here is what I offered:

Panthers JumbotronO God, this is fun! The sights, sounds, food, and camaraderie – all are fun to share. And we are grateful. Even as fans have fun, we acknowledge that many people work very hard to make this game possible. We remember the dedication of players, coaches, and staff. We are grateful for all the people who give their best efforts: referees, servers, security guards, cleaners, cooks, front-office personnel, and others. This night, may we share in good fun, healthy competition, and great sportsmanship. And tomorrow, may we be gracious in victory or resilient in defeat. We offer this prayer to you, O God, grateful for the privilege of sharing this fun. Amen.

In a world in which so many deeply important, challenging, and troubling things are happening, it seems rather silly to offer a prayer at a football game. Does God really care about a football game? I think not. But, I do believe that God cares about us, and if we care about something, then perhaps how we engage it matters to God.

It was fun, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do it.

Now to those deeply important, challenging, and troubling things. May my actions on those matters be a prayer offered to God.

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