Mother’s Day Prayer

A Mother’s Day Prayermothers-day-flowers

Creator God, we come this day with a mixture of feelings.
Some of us arrive with smiles
remembering happy days with our mother
or by being remembered fondly by our children this day.

Some of us arrive with fake smiles
because inside we miss our mothers
or miss having a mother who loved and cared for us.

Some of us barely arrive at all,
tired from the demands of the week,
aware of the challenges ahead.

In these moments, we all arrive
and somehow present ourselves before one another and
most importantly before You,
the one who always seeks our good.

Like those who walked the Emmaus road and heard the words of the risen Christ,
we need a word from you, O God –
to be grateful for happy memories,
to realize that you grieve alongside us,
to remind us that your strength can carry us through rough days.

May we in our care for one another,
see you and know of your continuing,
creative presence in our lives.

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