Trying New Things

I recently enjoyed the day trying something I had never done before. I joined a group of youth from our church for a Snow Tubing adventure at Ski Hawksnest in Seven Devils, North Carolina.

View from the Tube

View from the Tube

The day was cool and crisp with enough chilly wind to remind us it is winter but with blue skies spilling plentiful sunshine on the slopes. It was a fun day with lots of laughs and memories.

I have enjoyed sledding and snow skiing for years, but I had never been Snow Tubing before. To my surprise, the lanes are wide and gently sloping, the staff tells you when you need to slow down by digging your heels into the snow, and in case you are going too fast, large red bean bags are waiting to stop your skid! The best surprise, however, is that a conveyor belt carries you back up the hill.

It is a fun time that I heartily recommend.

This week, much of my time and attention will be given to preparing for worship on Sunday at our church. Throughout Lent, we are focusing on Luke, chapter 15, and the story of the Prodigal Son. On Sunday, my wife, Lisa, with whom I serve as Co-Pastor will try something we have never done. We will deliver a tandem dramatic sermon, and both of us will be in character portraying the hearers of Jesus’ parable.

At the beginning of Luke, chapter 15, the text says that tax collectors and sinners – social and religious outsiders – listened to Jesus as well as Pharisees and scribes – religious authorities. During the sermon time in worship, Lisa and I will portray both types of hearers.

We have never tried this before, and it will be an adventure!

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