When There Is No Peace

During the season of Advent, when our worship and devotional readings focus on the coming of the Prince of Peace, we are reminded that many people find peace to be elusive, distant, or altogether missing. Many people’s lives have been rocked by unexpected and unforeseen changes that leave them feeling little peace during this Advent season. Others have faced less dramatic changes but are nonetheless weary, worried, or hurting just now.

Ian Price and Carolyn Kitto, co-authors of Creative Worship, have written a poem for those whose experience of Advent is more difficult than joyful.

Where are you, God?
Are you hiding?
Has it become too difficult to show your face around here?
There was a time when I would not have minded
your absence; when I was young
a different spirit beat within,
and I was strong and needed less.
Not so now – I really need you.
I need someone to help carry these tired bones
one more time around the block.
I need someone to fashion words
for all who ask me how I am,
expecting faith and piety to flow.
Yes, there’s a weariness upon me now,
and I would like a day’s rest –
rest from the emptiness; and rest from this hollow ache;
rest from uncertainty; and rest from my own questioning.
Oh, it’s okay, I know you’re there.
And all in all I know you care.
It’s just that it turned out differently, you know.

So I will wait for you to come,
and I will sing the song of faith,
till love is born and life is whole again,
and journey’s end is won.

If, during the celebration of Jesus’ coming, you are feeling little hope and less peace, please know that you are not alone. One aspect of being the body of Christ is supporting one another through times of difficulty. So, when you cannot lift up your heart and singing comes only with difficulty, please know that others can sing for you and with you.

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